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The average homeowner spends between 15 – 20% of their construction budget on plumbing for their new home. It’s important to have a contractor that understands and knows what they are doing when it comes to the plumbing on your home. New constriction plumbing differs in the fact that it doesn’t refer to actual repairs but home additions, remodeling, and renovations. Plumbers that are equipped to handle repairs may not also be qualified to tackle new construction projects so it’s important to do your research when selecting a plumber for new construction.

Your home plumbing system has two basic functions. The main function is to provide client water to your home and the second function is to remove dirty water and sewage from your home. Gravity and water pressure are the 2 forces that help power your home plumbing system. Components that make up you home plumbing system include valves, water meter, fixtures, drainage, water heater and other appliances that use water coming into your household.

An important aspect of new construction plumbing is to evenly distribute the water pressure among your home. The size of delivery pipes in your home have an effect on the amount of water pressure you experience in your home. It is also important the ensure the proper permits have been pulled and that any plumbing contractor you use has the proper licenses and insurance. Also any plumbing contractor that works on your home needs to be familiar with the homebuilders code in you area. These codes can govern things like the type and diameter of pipping used, slope and angle of drainage. Plumbing contractors understand every area of new home construction and are called in while the home is being constructed. Feel free to contact us with any new home construction, remodeling or general repair work as we can handle any type of plumbing job.

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