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If you are a home owner and want to fix a few of the common problems at home without calling a plumber the first thing you need to get is a tool kit. These tool kits are easily available on the DIY stores. Now a lot many people are doing online business. You can choose the tool that you need and then with a mouse click buy it online. But there is no chance of getting the right tools without having any knowledge of what to buy. The first thing that you need to ensure is having a good pocket and the second thing is choosing a quality brand. Here is a list of tools that will help you in your plumbing process.The basic tools that you will need at home are the nails, hammers, and wrenches and screwdriver. These are the tools that are owned by most of the home owners. Many of the problems can be settled using this basic tool kit. Wrenches are used to replace the dripping faucets and washers.

They have a long handle and a C-shaped end that holds the bolt and the long handle provides mechanical advantage that helps in removing the parts. If it has a lock in the centre that helps in adjusting the diameter it is known as the adjustable wrench. Pipe wrenches are used together, one for holding and the other for turning threaded pipes. Basin pipes are especially used to fit around the odd pipe shapes under the sink.The most important and the common problem that we face in our homes is clogging of the drains in our toilets and kitchens. Tools that will be used for helping us in this situation are plunger, toilet auger and snake. A plunger is the tool that has a long handle with a cup at the other end. When it is applied against the head of the drain and pressed it helps in removing the clog. Other important instruments that are used for manually removing the clogs are snakes and toilet auger. An auger is a long steel wire which is inserted in the drain and removes the clogs by sending it forwards. Similar is the mechanism of snakes that are used for unclogging. Hand auger is another instrument that has a long cable to remove the clogs from the showers and sinks.The pipes at home may give you problem frequently by leaking, cracking and bursting. If you have any problems in your pipes you will need Hacksaw. Hacksaw is a device that is used to cut the metal like tubing, nuts bolts and even the plastic pipes. Once you have cut them use the metal file to smoothen the sharp jagged surface. Tubing cutters are also available in the market that are used to produce the sharp clean cuts in the tubes. Channel lockpliers are the most versatile of tools for tightening, pulling, gripping, loosening and twisting almost anything. Buying this tool kit will help you fix most of the problems in the handiest possible way and you will enjoy buying it.

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