Spring Plumbing Checks

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In the spring time it is important to check your plumbing freezing water can cause damage to your homes plumbing system. Plumbing damage can be caused by water that has expanded and stressed or burst pipes or other home plumbing systems. Water swells by 11 percent when it freezes. In the spring you should ¬†thoroughly check your home plumbing systems to make sure they’re still functional, this includes faucets outside spigots and all parts of your plumbing system.

Look for leaking pipes or standing water around your home if you discover any damage be sure to arrange to get quotes from local plumbers in the Bay Area. Other maintenance that you may want to perform in the springtime would include replacing gaskets on any leaky faucets. Whenever you have a leaky faucet usually the culprit is a gasket that has succumb to wear and tear. You will also want to get rid of mineral buildup using white vinegar or any other over the counter mineral clear white vinegar is a natural way to break down any mineral deposits that may hamper water pressure in your home. Make sure your shower and tub drains have filters to help prevent clogs and stop any debris from running down in the train like hair that can buildup and cause issues.

Be sure that all of your plumbing vents are clear of foliage and/or debris also check your toilet for any type of leaks that can seep into your lower flooring and weaken structural supports that are under the floor. This is especially important on a second story bathroom. Look for exterior cracks, water on the floor or worn or loose caulk around the bottom of your toilet. Also be sure the wax seal on the bottom of your toilet is in good condition. Lastly check to see if your handle is loose or needs to be held down order for your toilet to flush properly, if this is the case you want to fix it as this will cause you to use more water than necessary. For a complete inspection, check your home system examine your water heater, dishwasher, sump pump, sewer pumps, pool pumps, toilets, faucets, bathtubs, showers, and any hoses going to or leaving your washer and dryer. In the event that you do find any issues be sure to hire a qualified plumber to make any repairs to your home or you risk damaging your plumbing systems further.

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